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Welcome to Issue 323 of IBOtoolbox News! At IBOtoolbox, there really is something for every marketer! Not only do we have a great platform that we can meet and share ideas and strategies with other like minded marketers, we have a safehaven to promote our businesses, brand ourselves and get more exposure with our marketing efforts. I can't think of any other community that comes close to IBOtoolbox! Thank you for reading IBOtoolbox News, enjoy your newsletter!

Here Is What's Happening at IBOtoolbox!
Just looking around IBO, you can really tell that members are starting to get really serious about building their business and getting extra exposure. Comments on PRs and wall posts are increasing in quality. Members are realizing that everything they do gets indexed and the better the quality, the more they are certain to get recognized! Keep in mind that visitors are finding you based on the content you have put into IBO. You don't have to chase these visitors to come to you, they are finding you because rather they have "searched" for what you have to offer. Just by writing press releases, posting videos to your profile, running banner and listing ads, commenting and completing your profile - you are being found! Everything you do on IBO gets indexed in the search engines. It can't be said enough that 96% of the traffic that comes to IBO is non-member traffic. The more you put into IBO, the more likely you will be found! Is it worth it? It absolutely is!

The remaining 4% traffic is member traffic. These are the people that you spend time with building relationships by commenting, sharing and liking other their wall posts, PRs and videos - supporting them through IBOspirit! These are not the people you are advertising to. They are other like minded business owners and you can network and associate with them, but they are not your prospects. Once you really understand this, there is no limit as to how powerful IBO can be for you!

IBOsearch System - Training
IBOtoolbox has its own member search system. Utilizing this system you can search by name, demographics, business and more! Here's exactly how it works:

To access the IBO Search feature, click on "Search" under Site Navigation at the top right of the dashboard screen. You are now at the search section where you will see different categories. Let's breakdown each one to show you what they are capable of.

1. Member Name - Here you can search by First Name, Last name, Phone Number, or Skype Username.

2. Demographics - This category gives you the choice to search by Country, State/Province, or City. This is a great feature especially if you are looking like-minded business owners to network with in a certain geographic location.

3. Business - This is a great one if you are looking for other members from your company or your competitor's company. You might have a certain business or company that you want to join and are looking for a great sponsor!

4. Associates & Referrals - In this category you can search by all IBO members, include only your associates, exclude your associates, or include only your referrals.

5. Joined IBOtoolbox - Here you can search by join date range. Select dates from the calendar icons for the "From" and "To" by entering a specific join date range!

However you would like to conduct your search, just click on the box or circle next to each sub-category and enter in the relevant information in the box provided on the right and click on "Search IBOtoolbox" and you will see what your inquiry came up with! You can also use IBOsearch.com or your own branded search engine located on your IBOsocial profile page.

The IBO search feature is an extremely valuable tool! It's a great way to add new associates by searching by join date, look for fellow distributors that are in your company, network or hold meetings in your area by finding local members! This is a great feature, give it a try and see what you come up with! Go IBO!

IBOtoolbox Tip of the Week!
When returning to IBO, click on "My Wall Posts" (wall filter) to pull up your last posts. This way you can see if you have some new comments. Keep the conversation going by responding to comments that have been made on your wall posts, press releases and videos. This is a great way to interact and engage with other IBO members as well as build a great business relationship!
IBOtoolbox Training Information
Training is an important part for those that want to be successful in any business. Members are encouraged to take time to learn how to use the platform and utilize all the tools to get the best results! Here's how you can take advantage of the training available to learn how to leverage the power of IBO!

IBO Training: - Members are invited to MarketWithKris.com Online Marketing Training Platform. Register for free, view the powerful video training series and earn up to 2,250 IBO credits for completing the IBOtoolbox Training! Training is critical to your success! If you are brand new to IBO, this fast start training has been created with you in mind! Veteran members can easily stay in tune with this up to date training as well and are encouraged to revisit this training occassionally to stay up to date!

Even though the webinars have been discontinued, previous webinars are still available for viewing here!
IBO's Family of Websites!
IBOtoolbox consists of a whole family of websites! Each website/platform runs independently and offers you a different resource to help you take your business to the next level! Members will need to register for each platform.

IBOtoolbox This is really your back office where you complete your profile, set up advertising, write press releases, post videos, post on the wall and interact with the other members.

IBOsocial Profiles Everyone has a profile page that is visible to the public. Everything you do on IBOtoolbox is seen on your profile page.

IBObanners At IBObanners you have access to a huge banner library, unlimited banner hosting, and a banner maker/creator where you can design your own banners from scratch or use one of the many templates and personalize it with your own text.

IBOextra IBOextra is IBO's inhouse banner exchange network. Advertise your business with banners for free on members websites as well as various locations throughout the entire IBO network.

IBOtube Media Sharing Platform Create your own channel and upload videos, photos, audios as well as participate in the forums and join or start a new group.

IBOlist Classified Ad System IBOlist classified ad system is a modern version of Craigslist being 100% dedicated to Independent Business Owners, Internet marketers, MLMers, and affiliate marketers. This system is SEO optimized, equipped with social media sharing, comment/feedback system and mobile optimized.

IBOexchange Social Media Traffic Exchange This is a traffic exchange and more. You pick and choose who you want to follow on other social networks. You can also get more likes, followers and views to your website or social media pages. You earn coins for each exchange you make.

IBOstats This is a full featured website stats and valuation platform specifically design for Internet marketers and small business owners.

IBO will continue to grow and expand! Those members who embrace everything that IBO has to offer will no doubt have the advantage over their competition! Go IBO!
KrisClicks Advertising Traffic Platform
KrisClicks is an advertising traffic platform that launched the end of April. In a short time, the platform has grown to close to 4500 active members. KrisClicks is continually setting records in monthly commission payouts and traffic delivery on the Internet! Every single person needs website traffic in order to make money and to promote online businesses. Fact is, if you don't have traffic, you are dead in the water!

IBOtoolbox endorses KrisClicks as the most cost effective traffic system on the Internet and after testing the platform, IBOtoolbox announced that the conversions were quite impressive! Click here to see what other IBO members are saying about KrisClicks!

KrisClicks is free to join! Once your account is verified, you are given 100 free credits to get started with the platform to place your banner and/or text ads on all ready established partner traffic sites and networks to bring visitors to your websites. In addition to bringing cost effective ad traffic to your websites, you can also participate in our advertising traffic exchange to earn credits. It's your choice - click or don't click!

KrisClicks also offer a generous 25% commission plan! No purchase necessary to earn! KrisClicks is a unique platform that gives you the opportunity to get extensive exposure for your business across the Internet! Click here to get started with KrisClicks!
Newsletter Credit Code
We would like to thank you for reading the IBOtoolbox newsletter. As a reward for being an active member with the IBOtoolbox platform we would like to award you with a credit code. This credit code can be redeemed for advertising within the IBOtoolbox platform! This credit code can be redeemed for advertising within the IBOtoolbox platform! Credit Code:
"news-getresults" To redeem the credit code, log into IBOtoolbox, click on "Credit Center", then click "Redeem Coupon", follow the instructions within the IBO Credit Code Redeemer box to unlock the redemption tool, enter in the code, and click "redeem coupon". Credit code expires on the release of the next edition. Thank you for using IBOtoolbox!
Banners, Graphics, and More...
I am sure you have heard the saying "a picture is worth a 1000 words" right? That being said, visual marketing can be very powerful! Did you know that approximately 80% of our learning occurs visually and even more importantly, we only remember 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we read and about 80% of what we see.

Visual marketing is all about sharing your message and marketing your services and products through visual media such as photos, images and video. Have you ever noticed that the brands that you know, like and trust usually have very good visual marketing strategies? They present information by using visual images that evoke emotion, capture attention, and call us to action. This is why using banners and other graphics in your marketing efforts can be very powerful!

IBObanners is a great resource available to you where you get access to ready made banners for different business opportunities or templates that you can customize for your business with text, graphics, etc! IBObanners will host all of your banners, plus give you access to a banner maker where you can create your own banners!

Special BUSINESS BUILDER IBOstarter Pack: Purchase any 728X90 banner, static or animated - receive a FREE duplicate 468X60 banner to run on your IBOsocial profile page! Click here to place your order. Free set up and activation in your IBOtoolbox account as well as free hosting is included for both banners plus 1000 IBO credits transferred to your account!

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Michael Gielfeldt  - www.ibosocial.com/SurfNinja   315 day(s) ago
I always appreciate the weekly tips! Thank you, Kris. :)
nadda nadda  - www.ibosocial.com/nadda   315 day(s) ago
Great newsletter.Thanks...
John Aiken  - www.ibosocial.com/Jaik   316 day(s) ago
Thanks for this weeks newsletter Kris , the tip of the week is great .
Robin Robinson  - www.ibosocial.com/RRobinson   317 day(s) ago
Kris, thanks for another informative Newsletter. The Search tool is invaluable. One thing about business listings that I found is, if you don't list your business in your Profile section it won't show up in Search. And the tip about pulling up our latest post to keep the conversation is great.
Terri Pattio  - www.ibosocial.com/mspattiomentor   317 day(s) ago
Excellent newsletter with a great training on using the IBO search tool. This is one of my favorite tools on IBO, because I can search for business associates in my local area to connect and develop a relationship with. One day we can connect and meet in person, this has happened for me already. ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart/Twitter Strategist
Zoran Simovic  - www.ibosocial.com/simkesrb   318 day(s) ago
Great weekly news
QUEENHAJAR AKANQI  - www.ibosocial.com/QHIA   318 day(s) ago
Another great newsletter, Kris Karafotas, and I will repeat, are associates are not our prospects. Once you really understand this, there is no limit as to how powerful IBO can be for you! Thank you, wishing you much success! :)
James Doan  - www.ibosocial.com/CornerOffice   318 day(s) ago
Thank you Kris for another insightful newsletter. I had forgotten about this week's tip. I will use it again when i log in.